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Qigong With Kseny

Spring is the most important time of the year. The time when everything is coming to life again and transforming. Spring is the time for renewal and growth!

In the Five Element Theory, spring is associated with the organs liver and gallbladder. The liver being yin, gallbladder yang. The liver is a depo of blood and according to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is in charge of smooth circulation of blood and Qi throughout the body.

Energetically, the liver processes emotions like anger, jealousy and frustration. If those emotions prevail, it blocks free flow of energy in the liver and gallbladder, affecting its proper function (the production and release of bile and digestive enzymes). Reducing stress and finding ways to freely express your feelings and emotions through journaling, meditation and Qigong will have a positive effect on your liver Qi and overall well-being.

The liver organ is one of the most important organs for women as it helps to maintain regular, pain free periods. Supporting and nourishing your liver Qi (all year round) is beneficial for female health. Consistent diet, good quality rest (especially at night!) and work life balance is essential for healthy liver Qi.

The bodily tissue that is associated with the liver and its corresponding element of wood are tendons and fascia. The qualities of wood like flexibility and resilience are similar to the connective tissues in our body. It is also believed that the Qi travels through fascia and tendons. That’s why in many martial art traditions, Qigong including - stretching is considered one of the most important elements in maintaining health and longevity.

The colour of the season is green. Fill up your plate with seasonal vegetables and greens like celery, broccoli, kale, string beans, and grapes and of course herbs!!! The taste is sour, so acidic fruits and kombucha can make a refreshing drink and soothe your liver.

I hope you enjoy the videos and feel good!