Qigong For Shoulder Pain Relief (Fire Element)

Qigong With Kseny

This Qigong routine is specifically designed to ease discomfort and muscle stiffness in the shoulder area. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each major organ is paired with a complementary partner. The Heart, for instance, is paired with the Small Intestine. When the Heart is overworked due to excessive mental or physical activity, poor sleep, or emotional stress, it can affect the paired organ. Imbalances or disruptions in the energy flow along the meridian lines can manifest as pain, stiffness, or physical discomfort. The Small Intestine meridian starts at the face, moves through the side of the neck, the back of the shoulder, and down the arm. In this session, we focus on exercises targeting the upper back and neck area to promote healthy energy flow through the meridian to relieve shoulder stiffness and support your overall well-being by harmonizing the Fire element within.