Online Qigong Class #180

Qigong With Kseny

As we welcome the dynamic energy of the new Wood Dragon Year, I’m excited to invite you to a special Qigong session this Sunday to nourish your energy resources from within. Together, let's cultivate balance, flexibility, and inner strength through the wisdom of Qigong.

? This Sunday: A Journey of Harmony

The new year is set to be full of energy fuelled with creativity and transformation, perfect for making dreams come true. Too much activity can cause energy depletion and leave us feeling stretched out. Let’s gather to harmonize our energies with gentle, restorative breath-work and movement fostering a sense of harmony and inner balance.

This session is an opportunity to:

1. Nurture Your Growth: Through movements that embody the Wood Element’s qualities of flexibility and strength.

2. Release and Renew: Let go of the old, making space for new beginnings and fresh energies.

3. Connect and Reflect: Join our community in a shared experience of mindfulness and restoration.

Whether you’re new to Qigong or a seasoned practitioner, this session is a gentle invitation to pause, breathe, and welcome the transformative energies of the Wood Element into your life.

Looking forward to sharing this beautiful practice with you