Dear Kseny, I wanted to thank you. I have been doing several of the movements from your video's and coupled with acupuncture each week. I cured my ruptured disc in my lower back after 9 months. I still do your routines as well as meditate 3hrs per day. - S Rosen

Thank you Kseny! I’m in Sydney Australia so I watch and practice on Monday morning. Helping me with muscular pain in right upper back from fall I had recently. Great that you are adding moments to observe the chi throughout body. - D Hopkins

I started Qigong while looking for ways to help manage my depression, so far this has been one of the most effective ways ive found to manage stress and depression. im a big fan of yours. - J Fowler

This exercises felt powerful. I had a strong feeling came over me. I love doing your exercises. Thank you so much for sharing. - J Ferguson

Hi Kseny & sincere greetings from Alberta, Canada! I'm a 51 year old female with both lumbar & neck DDD (lumbar, 3 discs, neck c5/6, 6/7). I just did your lower back & spine workout and I could honestly feel my left lower back & leg 'release' a bit...or unwind. I almost cried! I cannot thank you enough and I will try to do this 3 times per week. I'd say everyday, but I also have to work on my neck & just getting out in the sunshine! :) You have a true Gift & loved how you put the words up on the screen to remind us to breathe and/or reps. You are truly wonderful. Many thanks again!

This was super relaxing and helped me de-stress after a bit of studying. thank you!

Your teaching is so great. I feel so comfortable doing this. I will practice everyday.

Thanks Kseny, really excellent videos. I’m getting a lot out of following along with you. - Ray

Qigong is great! I love doing it makes me feel good from head to toe. Thank you for the tutorials, you are wonderful.

Thank you Kseny, your routines are perfect - short, energetic & dynamic. I like all the exercises, but maybe my favorite was the one where you stretch all the way down because you can feel your muscles waking up. - Marija

Kseny! Thank you so much !! I found your channel some months ago by doing a search on "spiral qigong" so I love all your videos which have any spirals (or even the hint of one!) and this one is no exception. I could also feel the "expansiveness" in this pattern. - Jane

Love it, exactly what I needed, an exercise that feels light and good as qigong does. With this my body is very strong. Thank you so much for sharing it!

I love your routines. I have wanted to start with qigong for some time, but couldn't find the right follow up channel until yours. So, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and practice. I would love to see some more videos like this ones and also 15-20 min routines, as I find that the perfect time for my mourning routine. - Marija

I am so glad I found your video on back pain relief. I was kicked in my back by a horse 9 months again, and have had constant tension because of the pain in my lower back area. Your gentle routine allowed the trapped tension to be released and I felt relaxation in my muscles for the first time in months.Thank you

Just wanted to say namaste and "Thank You." Your Qi Gong videos have helped me feel more balanced, peaceful and my body feels more fluid and healthy than it has in a long time. I look forward to your videos and practice daily. - C. Brown

I've been doing your exercises for almost 2mos now...thank you...i am 47 y/o with cervical spondylosis...so far, i have not taken any pain meds...thank you so much. - G Tabara

I love your animal sequences. You are so graceful and intelligent in your presentation. Congratulations to your teacher, I feel I am taking part in something special. My old creaking joints and animal spirits thank you! - M. Smith

Hi Kseny,thanks for your videos, every time I practice I consequently feel better and less nervous. Tony

Thanks for the great videos. I have got into Qigong this year after dabbling with Yoga, and it is now, courtesy of your videos, part of my daily morning routines. P. Moss

I felt very relaxed and calm. I have several of your practices that I use on a daily basis that are a great help to me. I am very grateful for you and your channel. Much love to you!!

I would like to thank you for your kindness in sharing your videos. In fact in just 2 days practicing the exercises for ten minutes each I no longer have persistent pains in my shoulders and I recovered movements that I could not do anymore because of pain. Now I feel better. thank you very much! I. Quiroga

This gentle and enjoyable routine has taken me from decrepit and incredibly stiff towards a much more flexible and agile state of affairs. Kseny's style of demonstration is so clear and helpful. Brilliant and I cannot thank enough. M. Collins

Thanks so much! i had a couple of situations where i just ate too much and felt miserable. about halfway through the routine, i could feel my stomach start working. felt SO much better after. B.

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