Qigong With Kseny Certified Instructor

  • Would you like to become a Certified Instructor with Qigong With Kseny?
  • Would you like to be featured on my YouTube channel and have the opportunity to be seen by an active community of almost 100,000 people?
  • Would you like to teach in my virtual studio after being fully certified*?
  • Would you like my support to help you start your own Qigong and wellbeing business?

If you have answered yes to these questions my Qigong teacher training might be for you!


As Qigong grows in popularity, so does the interest in becoming a Qigong Instructor and sharing the knowledge and benefits with others. I have thought about an instructor program for a long time and wanted to create a practical course that gives instructors a platform to grow their own business and spread the joy and benefits of a regular Qigong practice.

This training is open to those who wish to teach Qigong but equally open to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and build confidence in their own practice of Qigong.

I am excited to announce this course is now open for enrollment however there are limited spaces!

Quick Summary

Start Date: Sunday May 21st 2023
End Date: Sunday 17 December 2023
Group Size: Approx 8-12 people
Format: Live teacher training class with me every Sunday**
Assessment: Video Submission -> Teach Live Classes -> In Person Assessment
Cost: Eur 1,750 + 250 Eur for the in person assessment
Key Outcome: Conduct a safe, enjoyable and suitable Qigong class for beginners

What’s The Course Structure?

My teacher training is based upon the understanding that we learn best from experience. Therefore, I wanted to create a syllabus that allows you to integrate a theoretical knowledge of Qigong with practical teaching in an easy and harmonious way.

Structured over the course of 6 months, the teacher training will include a mix of theory and practical components with an emphasis on the practical elements.

There will be one live group class with me per week over Zoom. This will be on Sunday and will last one hour. The class will then be uploaded to the teachers only area of the website where you will be able to watch it on repeat.

The theory will cover topics such as:

  • What is Qigong?
  • What is Qi energy?
  • Yin & Yang
  • Five Elements Theory
  • 12 Primary Channels and 8 Extraordinary channels
  • What is Dan Tian?
  • What are dynamic and static forms of Qigong?
  • Three Factors Of Qigong ( mind, breath, posture)
  • Three principles of Qigong ( calm, tranquility, relaxation)
  • The importance of concentration in Qigong?
  • Breathing methods in Qigong?
  • Natural breathing method
  • Chest breathing method
  • Abdominal breathing method

The practical component will focus on understanding and practicing the main elements of each class that you will teach after certification:

Week 1-2: Theory & Posture
Week 3-4: Warm Up Exercises 1
Week 5-6: Warm Up Exercises 2
Week 7-8: Breathing Yin
Week 9-10: Breathing Yang
Week 11-15: 18 Forms Tai Chi Qigong
Week 16-19: 8 Pieces Of Brocade
Week 20-21: Cool Down
Week 22-23: Course Revision

How Am I Assessed?

The assessment is in 3 key stages:

1) Video Submission - As the weeks progress you will be asked to submit videos demonstrating your knowledge and practical skills of specific aspects of the classes you will teach. Feedback will be given to ensure you are on the right track.

2) Online Teaching - After you have successfully completed the course, you will be asked to teach 10 hours (one hour per week) to the Qigong community in my virtual studio. This experience will show your ability to hold space, guide students and build your confidence as a teacher. This is an ideal way to practice and hone your skills in a live environment as well as starting to build your profile. I will give you feedback as well as that collected from the participants to help you improve where necessary. If you successfully pass this stage you will be issued with a provisional Qigong With Kseny Teaching Certification and you will be able to start teaching.

3) In-Person Assessment - In order to convert your provisional certificate to a full one, you will have 12 months to attend an in person assessment weekend. The in person assessments will be held 1-2 times per year in Europe and 1-2 times per year in North America (most likely in Mexico, the Caribbean or Canada). They will either be in a retreat center, a chalet, or a hotel conference room and you will be tested on everything you have learnt to date. You will also have to teach 25 hours either in your local community, online or through ksenygray.com.

Continuing Development - Qigong is a lifelong vocation and regular practice is essential. Once you have passed your certificate it will be valid for 2 years, after which you will need to keep an active profile and demonstrate your continued ability to teach to the required standard.

Is It Right For Me?

The Qigong With Kseny Teacher Training won’t be right for everyone. Some key questions to ask are:

  • Do I have a genuine interest in Qigong, breathing, mindfulness and mediation?
  • Do I embrace the philosophy of less is more, do no harm and listen to our body?
  • Am I a kind, positive, supportive, open minded, accessible, patient and joyful person (at least most of the time!)
  • Do I want to actively teach Qigong With Kseny’s classes, either online, in person or both?

Ideally you will have been practicing with me for the last 2 years on my membership site or another instructor for a similar period of time. You will strive to attend most of the weekly live classes and commit to practice 5-10 hours per week in your own time.

How Long Does It Take?

•Approximately 6-8 months for a provisional certificate to teach, then you will have 12 months to teach 25 hours and attend a 3 day in person workshop.

When Can I Start?

•21 May 2023

How Much Does It Cost?

•Provisional Certificate - Eur 1,750 and includes a weekly live class with me, access to the teachers only section on ksenygray.com where you can re-watch the live classes, assessment and feedback on your video submissions and 10 hours teaching on ksenygray.com (see online teaching for more information)

•In Person Assessment - Eur 250 and includes 2-3 days of teaching and assessment in person (does not include travel, board or meals - you will be able to stay somewhere locally that meets your budget).

Are there any refunds after committing to or starting the course?

No there isn't, therefore please be very sure before enrolling.

How long do I have access to the teacher training materials?

•You will have access for 12 months after the completion of your full training and/or a maximum time limit of 3 years from the course start date.

What if I don’t pass the video submission?

•You will receive feedback and be able to submit the video again.

What if I don’t pass the video submissions on a repeated basis and/or fail the online teaching?

•The certificate is not guaranteed, it’s important to reach a satisfactory standard to be able to teach.

I have a lot of experience with Qigong and am certified with other instructors, can I fast track my certification?

•Realistically no, this is not possible at this stage.

Can I pay in installments?

•The only option is a one-time payment of Eur 1,750. When you book an in person assessment a fee of Eur 250 will be payable at that time.

Will I be certified to teach Medical Qigong?

• No, this is a practical course that will allow you to teach a beginners Qigong class for general health and wellbeing as opposed to a Traditional Chinese Medicine course. During the course you will understand the limitations of when and where you can help people and how important it is to refer people to medical professionals when nescessary.

What are my prospects after completing the course?

•You will be able to start, grow or develop your wellbeing business and be able to teach material that you have learned during the course. You will be listed in my online teacher training directory. You will have the opportunity to appear on my YouTube channel. You will have the opportunity to be paid to teach in my virtual studio depending on your availability.

I would like to enroll - what should I do?

Press the button below and send me an email and I can let you know the availability!

*This will be dependent on both your ability and availability! **If you can’t make the live class it will be uploaded to the website.