Wardrobe Downsizing

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to instantly know, no matter the circumstances, what I should wear? Wouldn’t it be a relief to avoid the expensive mistakes that comes with each season’s collections? Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to look in your wardrobe and love everything you see. If that sounds like it’s too good to be true, then wardrobe ‘downsizing’ is your hero!


10 reasons to downsize:

Save time getting dressed in the morning
Always have to the right thing to wear
Never have to worry about trends
Wear your favourite pieces every day
Look good all the time
Build confidence by looking your best
Reduce stress with fewer clothes choices
Save money and stop impulse buying
Help a good cause by recycling the old clothes
Protect the environment by minimising the consumption

As a personal stylist I live and breathe fashion, however I’m also passionate about smart dressing e.g. the wardrobe that is practical, while also being chic. The wardrobe ‘downsizing’ is a 3 hour session at your home. We’ll decide what to keep and what to discard. You’ll have a streamlined wardrobe of fewer items that you like and want to wear. We’ll ensure that every piece offers maximum versatility to make everyday dressing easy yet chic. At the end we’ll work on a few key outfits driven entirely by what you need the most.

Price 120 EUR
Time 3 hours