Online Wardrobe Styling

My mission is to help women create a smart wardrobe e.g. the wardrobe that is functional, while also chic. The wardrobe that offers maximum versatility, no matter the circumstances and make everyday dressing easy and enjoyable.

An Online Wardrobe Styling session is a simple and practical way to learn what clothes suit you the most so you can avoid those expensive fashion mistakes and look good all the time. I will help you identify shapes, styles and colors that work best for your complexion and skin tone.

Prior to the Skype session, you’ll be asked to do some groundwork e.g. answer a few questions about yourself, your style, your favourite brands and the current frustrations you have with your wardrobe. That will help me to understand your needs and areas to focus on.
During the session,  we will study your body type and go through your overall colour palette. We will concentrate on the key outfits but will also discuss hair and make-up.
At the end of the session you will have a clearer idea of what clothes and color palettes work best for you. You will also receive a short style guide with Do’s and Don’t for your body type as well as a set of basic colors for reference when you’re shopping.

Price 99 EUR
Time 2.5 hours

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