Membership Questions

  1. What membership do you offer?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How long does it last?
  4. Does it subscribe/renew automatically?
  5. Do you offer free trials/refunds?
  6. What's the difference between YouTube and the membership site?
  7. What forms of payment do you accept?
  8. Can I pay in USD?
  9. I have paid but haven't received my login details, what do I do?

    Technical Questions

  1. Can I download videos?
  2. When streaming videos they sometimes stop, how can I fix this?
  3. I want to change my password and/or username?

    Members Questions

  1. What is Qigong?
  2. What are the main benefits of Qigong?
  3. How is Qigong different from other fitness methods?
  4. What does it mean to progress in Qigong? 🔒
  5. When you practice Qigong should your body be rigid? 🔒
  6. What is the correct posture for Qigong exercises? 🔒
  7. How do you breathe properly in Qigong? 🔒
  8. What is the difference between Qigong and Tai Chi? 🔒
  9. Is Qigong better than Yoga? 🔒
  10. What is Qigong visualisation? 🔒
  11. Which is better, a one hour session in the morning or one in the evening? 🔒
  12. How can a beginner feel the Qi? 🔒
  13. What is Zhan Zhuang or Qigong Tree pose? 🔒
  14. Can I do the same Qigong routine everyday? 🔒
  15. How do you stop the mind thinking during Qigong? 🔒
  16. What should I do in ‚Äútouch the sky" Qigong exercise, bend the knees or keep them straight? 🔒
  17. I have shoulder problems, how far should I stretch during Qigong? 🔒
  18. What should a good Qigong routine include? 🔒
  19. I am feeling a strain in my lower legs during qigong, what should I do? 🔒
  20. Qigong For Covid Virus Recovery? 🔒
  21. Qigong for uneven hips - where should my balance be? 🔒

    Private Training Questions

  1. Do you offer private training over Skype or Zoom?
  2. What are private Qigong sessions?

    Questions About Me

  1. How long have you been practicing Qigong?
  2. How often do you practice Qigong?
  3. I would like to know about your training, qualifications and expertise?
  4. What's the best way to contact you?