Winter Wellness

Paid Beginner 10 Videos 164 Mins

I’ve created this “Winter Wellness” program to help you understand the principles of seasonal Qigong practice, align yourself with nature's energy and maintain health during the colder months.

In this course I will be sharing exercises that are especially beneficial for winter and the water element as well as breathing and massage techniques to preserve your energy and maintain good health during this period.

The mantra for winter is “stop doing, start resting”. That's because nature’s energy has transitioned into its slowest and most quiet state. Water embraces stillness and encourages the conservation of energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Water element is related to the kidney / urine bladder organ network. The proper function of these organs, (the Water element) determines the health of our bones, spinal cord, bone marrow, brain and the reproductive organs.

The sensory organs of the Water element are our ears. Information that we receive through our ears, positive or negative, would have a great impact on the organ function.

These are just a few principles of the Five Element Theory that are important to us to help us align with the season’s energy and protect our energy reserves.

So welcome to the course and let’s begin!


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