Summer Wellness

Paid Beginner 9 Videos 180 Mins

Hello and welcome to the Summer Wellness Program! This program is specifically designed to help you align your energy with the nature’s cycles and rhythms of the summer season. Our focus will be on understanding and practicing seasonal Qigong, ensuring you stay fit and healthy throughout the hotter months. In this program, you'll find a variety of Qigong exercises, massage techniques, and breathwork tools tailored for the summer season. These practices are aimed at helping your body adapt to the season’s changes, offering a balance between invigorating ‘feel good’ sessions, restorative breathwork and acupressure techniques. Summer is associated with the Fire element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which governs the heart and its energy, or heart Qi. A balanced Fire element supports heart health, emotional stability, and overall vitality. The series specifically focuses on nourishing and balancing heart Qi, promoting a calm and joyful spirit. All practices are rooted in the principles of TCM and the Five Element Theory. This holistic approach not only supports your physical health but also harmonizes your internal energy for overall well-being. Join me on this journey to embrace the summer season with vitality and balance. Let’s discover the transformative power of Qigong together and support our heart health through these mindful practices!


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