Qigong Meditation

Paid Beginner 4 Videos 28 Mins

In this video tutorial I’ll guide you through a seated meditation. The aim of this meditation is to use our breath and intention to relax different parts of the body and guide the energy away from the head. We’ll cover the proper body alignment and The Three Part relaxation technique to release muscle tension and bring awareness to the body. In the end, we’ll practice the Three Part Breathing (chest breathing, ribcage breathing, abdominal breathing) to open the chest, deepen our breath and calm the nervous system.

The Three Line Relaxation

Through mindful relaxation of different body parts we train awareness, find areas of tension and contraction and learn to let go. It’s a useful skill to have when you need to relax quickly and feel more grounded. This technique uses three conceptual lines of the body: the side, front and back as a basis to relax the physical tension in the body.

Three Part Breathing

The breath is a source of oxygen and a key element in the body’s ability to produce energy. In other words our breath is our quickest way to more energy and balance. Stress and work overload deplete our energy resources. The act of relaxed, deep breaths we are able to slow things down, relax the nervous system and shift toward a state of balance.

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