Qigong Breathing

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Our breath is the quickest and cheapest source for more energy and vitality. By using conscious, connected breathing, we can release physical tension, free the mind and regain energy and balance. In this course I will be sharing some of the Qigong breathing techniques that worked for me over the years, some of which I use daily in my personal practice. Some are good for mornings to naturally detox the body, awaken the senses and energise the mind while some are more relaxing to help you unwind and de-stress.


Our breath is a very powerful tool, if you are new to deep breathing, please note you should feel good during the exercises and not lightheaded or dizzy. If you experience dizziness please stop the exercise or slow down. Remember, rest when you are tired.

Safety firstWhat's Qigong BreathingBenefits Of Deep BreathingWhen To Practice?How Long To Practice For?What Is Over Breathing?Nose Vs Mouth BreathingExercise 1 - Nose BreathingExercise 2 - Nose / Mouth BreathingExercise 3 - Abdominal BreathingExercise 4 - Ribcage BreathingExercise 5 - Chest BreathingExercise 6 - Breathing For EnergyExercise 7 - Breathing For Stress Relief15 Minute Qigong Breathing Routine