Qigong Basics

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In this course you'll learn the essential components of Qigong practice - Posture, Breathe and Intention (mental focus). They are the elements that makes Qigong practice different from any other fitness method. Combining these elements together in one practice, we are be able to get the benefits from the exercises more quickly, resulting in a more relaxed body and calmer mind.

Qigong Basics - PostureQigong Basics - BreathingQigong Basics - IntentionQigong Basics - What Is Qigong and Why We Practice It?Qigong Basics - Sync the Qi ExerciseQigong Basics - How to Feel the Qi?Qigong Basics - Do No HarmQigong Basics - Listen To The BodyQigong Basics - Seek SimplicityQigong Basics - How To Stay RelaxedQigong Basics - When & How Long To Practise?Qigong Basics - Is it correct?Qigong Basics - Tai Chi VS Qigong Explained