Autumn Wellness

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Welcome to the Autumn Wellness series. In TCM, the autumn period is the period of slowing down in preparation for winter. The trees lose their leaves and all the nourishment goes back to the roots. For us, it can mean slowing down the pace, embracing more rest and going to bed early. Autumn is related to the metal element and the lungs / large intestine organ system. This element relates to self-worth, strong personal boundaries and pure intentions. The lungs have the ability to take fresh energy in, while the large intestine is about ‘letting go’. If the energy in these organs is balanced, we have strong immunity, no nasal congestion and respiratory illnesses, clear complexion, hydrated skin and healthy bowels. If the energy of the metal element is imbalanced, we can experience seasonal allergies, prone to sinus infections, dry skin and constipation. We also tend to feel more sad, melancholic and even develop depression. Qigong and dedicated breathwork exercises can help to support the lungs energetically and strengthen the lung Qi.


Qigong Breathing To Purge & Tonify The LungsDaily Qigong Routine: Metal Element 5 Dao Yin Exercises For The Lungs (Standing)5 Dao Yin Exercises For The Lungs (Seated)Tai Chi Qigong Routine: Metal Element5 Qigong Acupressure Points For Sinus, Allergy, ColdQigong Inner Smile Meditation For The Lungs