5 Animals

Paid Beginner 8 Videos 42 Mins

This 5 Animals routine is primarily focused on the upper body and helps to improve circulation to the chest and arms. Practising it will make your shoulders and neck flexible. Because the hands are passing the chest all the time, it is also good for your lungs and heart and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Turning your waist strengthens the stomach and is beneficial for weight loss. There are five animals: deer, tiger, snake, bird, fish with one movement per each animal. The variety of movements are good for the brain and it’s a fun way to test your mind/body connection and coordination. Once you get used to the movement you will like it because the sensation of Qi is very strong. Enjoy your practice.


Five Animals - First FormFive Animals - DearFive Animals - TigerFive Animals - SnakeFive Animals - BirdFive Animals - FishFive Animals - Full RoutineFive Animals - Full Routine (No Voiceover)