Qigong Changed My Life

I want to share this practice so it can change yours.

How It Works

Learn simple tools to help you release physical, mental, and emotional tension, regain energy and improve your life.


Release physical tension through mindful movement and stretching.


Release stress, regain energy and feel better by regulating your breathing.


Slow down, settle your mind and connect with yourself.

What's Included

  • Over 15 Hours Of Guided Movement, Breathwork & Meditation.
  • Inspired by Qigong, 100+ Practical Videos To Help You Relax & De-Stress.
  • Member Only Videos Added Regularly.
  • Access to Members Only Q&A.

Live Classes

  • Join me each week for a live 40 minute Zoom class
  • Only for members!

What People Say

I started Qigong while looking for ways to help manage my depression, so far this has been one of the most effective ways ive found to manage stress and depression. im a big fan of yours. - J Fowler

I love the way you present your qigong routines! They are energising, yet relaxing at the same time. I do one of your routines every day. These exercises have helped my back and shoulders become more flexible and less stiff. The breathing exercises have also been helpful with digestion, as well as keeping me fit, especially when I am hiking in the mountains. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with all of us! Rita P

Thanks for the great videos. I have got into Qigong this year after dabbling with Yoga, and it is now, courtesy of your videos, part of my daily morning routines. P. Moss

This exercises felt powerful. I had a strong feeling came over me. I love doing your exercises. Thank you so much for sharing. - J Ferguson

Just wanted to say namaste and "Thank You." Your Qi Gong videos have helped me feel more balanced, peaceful and my body feels more fluid and healthy than it has in a long time. I look forward to your videos and practice daily. - C. Brown

This gentle and enjoyable routine has taken me from decrepit and incredibly stiff towards a much more flexible and agile state of affairs. Kseny's style of demonstration is so clear and helpful. Brilliant and I cannot thank enough. M. Collins

Our Community

Join our community of over 16,000 people from 94 countries who use Qigong to help their lives.


Hi, I’m Kseny and I’m a Qigong trainer and holistic living enthusiast. I’m happy to have discovered Qigong at an early age as Qigong has been an amazing addition to my life, for both physical and mental well-being.

My style of teaching is designed to give you the tools and techniques to connect with your body’s needs, cultivate calm (peace) and feel better in your body and mind as you navigate modern life.

I started Qigong about 5 years ago through my mum who is a certified Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor and Chinese Medicine practitioner. I went on to train under the lineage of master Lee Lee Sian ( Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Tsultim Namdak (Sheng Zhen Qigong) and Vladimir Silaev. Apart from a regular daily practice, I continue to attend Qigong and Tai Chi workshops in Europe, Asia and Russia.

The greatest part of teaching is receiving emails and comments from people who have used Qigong to transform their lives. When I first started I only had a few people in each class so it's hard to imagine thousands of people have used the videos. Thank you to everyone who has helped and I look forward to growing together.

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