Build a Simple and Chic Wardrobe that Works.



My name is Kseny and thank you for visiting my website.

What do I do?


Driven by ‘less is more’’ philosophy, I help women to edit their wardrobe and invest in timeless, good quality pieces that fit their lifestyle and look good all the time.


What is the Wardrobe Edit?


I believe that streaming down your wardrobe into a small collection of key pieces is very liberating.

  • It saves time in the morning (and sometimes, the evening).
  • It reduces stress and frustration.
  • It saves money.
  • It makes you feel good every time you wear your favoгrite clothes.


Why do the Wardrobe Edit?


  • You have so many clothes, so few that fit
  • It takes you more than 15 mins to get dressed in the morning
  • Your fashion mistakes begin to cost you a lot of money
  • You’re tired of keeping up with the fashion trends
  • You have clothes in your wardrobe with price tag on them
  • You want to look and feel good in your clothes

Whatever wardrobe challenges you have, I can help.



Wardrobe Edit  / 3 hours  / 99 EUR

If you are interested in Wardrobe Edit but you are based far away, you can also book an online Wardrobe Edit session through Skype.

Please email me for further details.